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Clearly you have syphilis and it's made you a jerk!
Stay back, siffy, or I'll diagnose you with something WORSE!
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Like Jayne, Navaan had gotten a note from the office telling her to be where parents of her students could find her, while wearing clothing that covered up all of her private areas. The words they used were longer, but the gist was the same.

In fact, to make sure she was available when needed, Navaan had decided to camp out in an office until the weekend was over. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't specified anything about being awake or sober, so wandering guests were going to have to take her as they found her. If they could find her. She'd made herself at home on top of a filing cabinet in one of the offices--whether or not it was hers was up for debate, probably with whomever found her first.

Either way, she was where she could be found! And clothed (for now)! She was doing exactly what she'd been told and so there!

[Like Karla, open for any visitors, including anyone who wants to claim this office as her own. She'll just head off to another office, which also may or may not be hers! Pings grabbed when I'm awake again!]
14th-Aug-2014 04:18 am - Availability Tango
Passed Out
So, in several hours, the husband and I will be packing up the nephew and hopping into the car to drive down to NYC to see whatever Broadway show we can snag cheap tickets for. After that, we'll be continuing our trek south to tour Washington DC and then further still to drop him off at home in Tallahassee. So we're looking at roughly three days of travel and tourism without real access to wifi. Next Thursday, we'll be doing a return trip home, though since we won't be stopping, hopefully it'll only take us 1 day of travel rather than three.

I'll be AWOI for three days, so my kids will be around but quiet and moddable by the usual suspects. Ditto next week when we're driving home, never to leave again. (No, seriously, I've been in my own home for 74 hours as of this post and the idea of another trip makes me want to scream. THE THINGS I DO TO BE THE BEST DAMN AUNTIE EVER.)
Navaan was nothing if not a giver. She hadn't actually realized that anything was amiss this week, but apparently other people did. So, she had decided to offer a helping hand (or other body part!) to the afflicted adults on the island. So this evening, a loud hammering could be heard coming from her front yard.

And lo, a signCollapse )

[Text without the image: Feeling horny this week?* Docktor Navaan has the cure for what ails you.Come inside for a free consultation!

*Or ever **This means sex
NSFW--Tits Out Captain!
...No, Navaan still hadn't realized that anything was weird with the island. Sure, even after a lot of sex the night before (which had gotten a lot better after midnight when they'd stopped missing. "Hey! No anal without permission!" had been yelled a lot), Navaan was still feeling more than a bit...randy. And hot. And confined by her clothing.

Basically, very little had changed from last week to this week.

Being hot and finding clothing restrictive led to the brilliant idea that she should go swimming. Having a propensity for bad ideas and a complete lack of anything approaching shame or modesty led to the brilliant-er idea that she should go swimming in the lake in the park. Naked. Because who wore clothing while swimming anyway? And she'd already ascertained it was leech-free.

Anyone wondering what all the whooping and splashing was about in the park? That would be one vampire, rousting flamingos out of their nests, having a grand old time.

[Specifically for one, but open if anyone wants to discover a crazy vampire skinny-dipping in the lake. Warning in effect for likely NSFW pings, icons, and SP]
Plague Doc
In retrospect, perhaps Navaan shouldn't have stayed so long in the bar where the drinking happened. Because there had been drinking and more drinking and then more drinking, followed by a lot of drunken of both the talking and walking variations. By the time she'd passed over the weird drawbridgey thing, she'd been feeling tired and had passed out under a tree. In the middle of a village. After first threatening a lot of ungainly pink birds. Or maybe just talking to them. Who knew?

Nasty little buggers, flamingos.Collapse )

[For him whose shop it is and up early for SP!]
Doctor Bag
Fandom's newest doctor (and heaven help anyone injured or ill on her shift) is "Doctor" Navaan from the webcomic Oglaf. For those of you who don't know the comic, please don't click on the link if you're at work. Or school. Or near small children.

This comic started as an attempt to make pornography. It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately.Collapse )

Teal Deer Version
*Vampire, drinks blood, explodes in sunlight, enhanced strength and agility.
*Not Actually a Doctor (shhh! Don't tell!)
*A little cracked out, but generally a good person.
*Is from an NSFW comic, but threading with her carries no expectations of NSFW activities

I think that's it. Comments or questions?
8th-Nov-2012 04:27 am - Personal Voicemail
Mischief Grin
"Hello?...Oh hi! Good to hear from you! How've you been?...So, tell me what's up?...HA! FOOLED YOU! I'm not even here! Ha! I'm probably off doing doctor stuff. You know, solving mysteries, having adventures, getting laid...Oooh, if this is about that last one, leave a detailed message, all right? Oh, you should probably do that anyway. But definitely if it's about getting laid!"

7th-Nov-2012 05:47 pm - Clinic Voicemail
"The clinic is closed right now. As a doctor, I sometimes sleep for a week. If this is a medical issue, please help yourselves to the leeches I've left outside the clinic. These leeches are here for you and if you can't be bothered to replace the lid, then you don't deserve PROPER HEALTHCARE!

If this isn't a medical issue, THEN WHY ARE YOU CALLING THE CLINIC?!"
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